The TubcuT® - As seen on The Hallmark Channel

 So why The TubcuT®?

Designed to help you stay in your home, maintain your independence, and bathe with dignity.

Not a cap, The TubcuT® becomes integral with your tub creating a factory appearance.

When no longer needed, the cut-out piece can be replaced, restoring the tub to original condition.


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The TubcuT® — Convert Your Bathtub Into a Walk-In Shower

The TubcuT® is an adaptive tub conversion that is available nationally through Certified TubcuT® Installers. In about half a day it creates easier, step-thru access in the front of any existing fiberglass, acrylic, steel or cast iron bathtub.

This in-home accessibility modification can be sized to your specifications, and gives the bathtub a seamless, "factory" look.

Independence and dignity are important keys to maintaining a good quality of life. We know The TubcuT® will improve accessibility and help people remain in their homes for as long as possible.


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Welcome to The TubcuT®


The TubcuT® is The Original Tub-to-Shower Conversion.

The TubcuT® is custom fitted to your tub creating a seamless, factory appearance, unlike the one piece insert.
The TubcuT® threshold is 4” above the floor giving you easier, safer access to your tub, unlike the one piece insert.
The TubcuT® is the only tub-to-shower conversion that can be REVERSED! Save the cut out section of the tub and we can restore your tub to its original condition. One piece inserts do not allow your bathtub to be restored.
The TubcuT® has a life time warranty backed by the manufacturer.

Access Designs, Inc., headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, is proud of its reputation as an innovator of high quality bathtub accessibility products.